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Turning Art

Today I got my announcement that Turning Art is allowing their customers to select some of my images.  Turning Art is a unique try before you buy art service.  I thought it was an intriguing way to gain exposure and hopefully, sell some work.  You […]


Haven Modern Motel – Checked Out.

Vacancy, very vacant. A vacant lot was what I saw on my most recent trip down US highway 12. The Haven Modern Motel a playground to many a photographer over the last few decades, is gone. It was slowly rotting away and going back to […]


Good Suburbanite

I have split personalities!  Long ago, my site served a sole purpose – to post my ongoing photo projects in a blog format.  Along the way I started to sell my services as a commercial photographer.  My fine art photography and personal interests co-mingle very […]


You never know until you try

I couldn’t let these photos languish on my hard drive, so I decided to blog about them. Duty calls, and sometimes that duty seems to be in vain.  Sort of.  I have a designer friend, Matt Reedy, who I have worked with on occasion.  He […]


David Jackson – Breaking the Rules Workshop

Being in a rut is no fun.  Attending a workshop can be a good way to nudge your wheels back onto the road and race off towards a new direction.  If you are familiar with my work, I don’t shoot a lot of people.  Except […]


Anatomy of a Weekend – work in progress

Last fall, the garage studio came together for a day to make some source images. Finding time to create imagery, especially whole days worth of time, has been tough.  This series had been on my mind for a while, and there comes a time where […]


Collaboration, projects for hire, rubber noses

Nuance is what keeps me going.  I have been working with artist Douglas Rosenberg on various projects throughout the past few years.  He works in the medium of performance and video, which translates well to still images.  The first shoot he asked me to work […]

Suburban – Steenbock Gallery

  I just finished hanging a set of images from my Suburban series at Steenbock Gallery in Madison, WI. Suburban will be up from July 5th through August 12th. This series has been in the works for quite a while and I am hell bent […]


From the garage studio

The garage studio strikes again.  Garages are very flexible, but that all depends on weather.  I am about to go dive into my garage and get it cleaned up so I can set up my studio again.  These images are from October.  I shot a […]


Putting things back together

Yesterday I discovered my old web host no longer hosted my site.   I am in the middle of completely rebuilding my site.  Not a great thing to have to do in the midst of a new photo season. If you have an inquiry, please […]