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Dipping my toes into product and lifestyle

Ha ha… because it was for a pool supply company, get it?  Dipping toes, getting my feet wet.  Dumb jokes aside.   I am always on the lookout for new opportunities.  I was searching some of the online resources for freelancers and I got connected with […]


Food For Thought

This is just a little brainstorm I had the other day.  I plan to flesh it out more. Too bad for me, garden season is done here.  As the weather gets cold, I need to dream up things to shoot.


You never know until you try

I couldn’t let these photos languish on my hard drive, so I decided to blog about them. Duty calls, and sometimes that duty seems to be in vain.  Sort of.  I have a designer friend, Matt Reedy, who I have worked with on occasion.  He […]